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JVS Bodyworks are committed to delivering high-quality crash repairs and exceptional customer service. Located on Airport Road in Renmark, our office contains a family-friendly waiting area so you can relax in comfort whilst you wait. Independently owned, JVS Bodyworks will assist you when making your insurance claim and ensure you are able to exercise your “Freedom To Choose” rights when selecting your repairer of choice. The team at JVS Bodyworks are here to help.

Vehicle Body Repairs

We rely on our vehicles to take us where we need to go every single day. When you are involved in an accident and your vehicle is damaged, you want it fixed. You want it fixed to pre-accident condition. At JVS Bodyworks, your vehicle will be fixed to the highest possible standard. We pride ourselves on being able to return your vehicle to you with all safety and quality checks completed.

Child Restraint Fitting

As the regions only Nationally accredited child restraint installer, we take the safety and comfort of your most precious family members very seriously. We have multiple accreditations to ensure we have the most up to date legislation and fitting requirements. If your vehicle does not already have anchor points installed, we can supply and install to give you comfort in knowing your child is as safe as possible when travelling. Already have a child restraint installed? Take advantage of our inspection service – 98% of inspections to date have resulted in car seats being reinstalled by our trained team as faults were found during an inspection, we will go through these faults with you and provide our recommendations. With your approval, we will then reinstall. Recent research shows us that up to 90% of child seats in SA are incorrectly installed, this means that they could fail to protect your family effectively in an accident. We also look after the bigger of your little family members, we fit booster and car seats and can inspect and provide you with recommendations as to if your child’s seat is still suitable or ready for the next model. We are an RAA approved child restraint fitter and offer discounts for current RAA members (member card must be presented).

Car Tow Truck

24 hour towing

It happens. You have an accident in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. We are here to help. With a 24 hour, 7 days a week towing service. No matter where you are or when it is, we have you covered. Give us a call on our afterhours mobile number to arrange a tow (please add link to click on and call our mobile number directly).

Documents dollar

Insurance Company Compliant

We have the latest software to electronically communicate with all insurance companies. We offer a hassle-free claim assistance service and can ensure that you are given the opportunity to exercise your “Freedom to Choose” your repairer of choice. If you are not sure how to navigate the claims process, give us a call and we can assist.


New rig need some bling? We can dress it up with a huge range of accessories. From bull bars to light bars, from canopies to snorkels we can get your vehicle ready for whatever your next adventure is.

Windscreen Replacements

We can work with your insurance company to provide you with a fast (overnight in some cases!) windscreen replacement service. Please give our office a call to arrange a booking.

Other Services

Prompt, Friendly Service

Claim Assistance

Courtesy Vehicle

Spray painting

Headlight Refurbishing

Rust removal

High Strength Steel Repairs

Plastic Welding & Repairs

We understand the time after a car accident can be quite stressful and the process to follow can be difficult to understand that’s why we use the latest software to help make your insurance claim go smoothly and quickly.