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Digital Assessment

JVS Bodyworks are offering a complete digital assessment of your vehicle, at a time that suits you. The means you can submit your insurance claim, have your vehicle assessed, repaired and then returned to you, all without having to leave to comfort of your home. Follow the instructions below and we are here to help if you need any assistance.

If you require any assistance with the digital claim process please contact us
(08) 8586 4959


Gallery Guide

  1. Back of vehicle
  2. Compliance plate
  3. Odometer
  4. Transmission (Auto or Manual)
  5. Front of vehicle
  6. Left and Right sides of vehicle
  7. Damage
  8. Close up of damage

Please ensure that you enter your details correctly as this is how we will make contact with you. If you are unsure of any of these requirements, please give us a call to discuss.